Orchid Boat Tour

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Pink River Dolphins

Orchid Tour - Our 3 days & 2 nights boat tour - R$ 3000

ORCHID Tour R$ 3000 

Day 1: We start at 8 am, pick you up at your hotel and head down to the port, there we get onto our boat, we will have a welcome drink of Tropical fruits typical to the Amazon. We will then show you your accommodation and head down The ( Rio Negro) black river seeing a little bit of Manaus as we go.  We then will visit a natural phenomenon, The meeting of the waters, Two rivers running side by side for some distance without mixing with each other, There we will  stop to take photos and to hear an explanation.  After that we will continue on our journey up the river,  to the Janauri Ecological Park where we will stop to have lunchan then go on to explore the flooded forest.  There we will have a good chance to see wild life and the water giant lillies (victoria regis).  Returning  to the boat we will head up the river passing under the Phelippe Daou bridge, A sight to see will be the sunset which will be in the middle of the river and to get some awesome photos.  Next we will stop to have dinner and after that we will take a small boat to explore a small Channel off of the main river.

Day 2: Breakfast will be served at 7:30 am,  We then board the boat and head up the river close to the Anavilhans Islands where we will make a stop for a jungle trek and learn a little about traditional medicinal plants and some survival tips. To learn what we can eat and where we can get water to drink.  We return back to our boat to have lunch and to make our way to a small village called Acajatuba, where we will stop to visit a local family where we will have a unique experience of swimming with the dolphins. This is where we will interact with them, These animals are free and they come and go as they please they will swim with you if they like you or have fish to give them.  We will also see and learn about the power of the biggest fresh water fish in the Amazon called Arapaima.  After which  we move on to visit another local family where we will learn a little about their way of life, their culture,  what they cultivate and details about the preparation of  mandioca a vegetable root that contains cyanide which is normally poisonous.   after which we then go out to catch piranhas.  Then return to our boat where we will have dinner. In the evening we will go caiman spotting and exploring.

Day 2 on the river

See the Sunrise on The Amazon

Day3: We awake at 5:00 am to see the sunrise and to explore a small side channel. This will be a good chance to see and hear the different sounds of birds and animals as they wake up in the morning to a new day on the Amazon.  We the return back to the main boat where we will have breakfast.  Afterwords we begin our trek back returning down River. On our way we will visit an indigenous village, where we will watch a native ritual dance, These dances tell a little about their way of life, celebrating q good harvest or successful hunting of the tribe.  Afterwords we stop for lunch and then ,We make another stop on our way back to Manaus to visit the rubber museum there we will learn about the history of Manaus and the use of the rubber tree in its past and the wealth that brought to the region. Our arrival in Manaus at the dock will be around 5:00 pm where transportation to your Hotel or the Airport can be arranged.  However While you are here in Manaus why not plan to stay an extra day or two to see some of the local sights and enjoy Brazillian hospitality