Harpy Eagle Tour

Harpy Eagle Tour

4 days and 3 Nights - R$ 1400 







Your Tour begins here

Day One Activities

We start our tour at 8 am, pick you at your hotel, then go by car or small bus by highway BR-AM 10 for about three hours, on the way we will make two quick stops to buy anything you might want or need for the tour and to stretch our legs or to use the facilities, Arriving at Sangaua we will then take our boat for 30 minutes to our lodge.

At the lodge we will have a welcome drink, of fruit juice made from fruits typical of the Amazon.  after we show you around and arrange your accommodation, we will have lunch relax after the trip  until 2:30 pm.  We then take our boat to go out exploring and to fish for piranhas, On the way back we will make a stop in the middle of the lake to see the sunset make sure you bring your camera to take photos.  We then return to the lodge we have dinner.

Other days - Itinerary

Day Two Activities

We awake at 5 am,get ready and take our boat to see the sunrise and to explore,we have a good chance to listen to the different sounds of birds and animals,back at the lodge we have breakfast,we then prepare for a jungle walk where we will learn a little about traditional medicinal plants,some survival tips,what we eat and where we can get water to drink,at the lodge we have lunch and until 2:30 pm free time,we then take our boat to explore the small channels and flooded forest,we have great chances of seeing monkeys,sloths and birds,one of the few location where we will explore two different Eco-system,and also the color the water changes from black to brown,on the brown water we will have the chance to see and touch the water lillies ( Victoria regis),after we will finally be on the amazon river,on our way back to the lodge we will do caiman spotting,also a good chance to see the eyes of birds and snakes,at the lodge we will dinner.

Day Three Activities

Breakfast will be serve at 7:30 and after we take our boat to visit a local family,there we will learn a little about their way of life,see what the cultivate and details about the preparation of a root vegetable called Mandioca that contains cyanide, after we will do a small demonstration on how rubber was cultivated,continuing we will visit a school,back at the lodge we have lunch and until 2:30 pm free time,after we prepare a unique experience, camping in the jungle,sleeping in a hammock with a mosquito net just like the locals,we make a fire to cook dinner.

Day Four Activities

Back at the lodge we have breakfast,after we go paddling and exploring or we can go for a jungle walk,back at the lodge we have lunch and after we make our way back to Manaus arriving at 5 pm.